In Shôko we are specialist in organizing any kind of event:

Private parties with VIP service, Product presentations, Catwalks, Gala dinners, National aswell as international Movie premieres and much more!

Each event carried our with great dedication and attention to our clients which makes every event a success.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.


Our well maintained organization, creativity and dedication has made us a refference on a national aswell as internationall level in events such as:

  • Private parties with VIP service.
  • Product presentations.
  • Fashion runways.
  • Gala dinners
  • National and international movie premieres.
  • We have a versatile space that allows us to personalize each event with a personal and/or corporate client vision, creating a completely adaptable and distinguished ambience.


Sounds and audiovisual details.

  • 5 gigantic screens.
  • Turbosound sound equipment controlled by a digital processor.
  • 14 speakers and 5 subwoofers.
  • Martin light jockey:
    • Roland Video mixer.
    • 2 monitored speakers and a soundwoofer for the DJ.
    • 2 Technics 1210 plates 1210 or tocadisco.
    • 2 Piooner cd readers 2000 mk2.
    • CD reader Piooner 900 (All of the readers have USB and memory card entrances).
    • Piooner Mixer 900 with all the micro effects.
    • 3 wireless microphones.
    • 1 microphone with analog shure sv 100 cable.
    • Behringer mixer with 24 channels to try the sound.
  • Lighting:
    • 11 Sharpie or mobile heads.
    • LED lights in all the areas (which makes it posible to completely change the color of the different spaces).
  • A smoke machine.
  • Dj booth.
    • 2 computers with remote control for the lightning outside and inside.
    • All of the light system is controlled from distance by a program.
  • On the terrace 4 speakers JBL that are controlled from the Dj booth.


Limousine and Security We offer a personalized consierge service.

Shôko University

We are the creaters of the moment, our venue has welcomed university students for years to celebrate various kinds of Univeristy parties. Be part of Shôko University!

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